• Development of Chacoken, a water purifying block made from recycled bamboo.
  • Development and sales of flowerpots using sewage sludge incineration ashes.
  • Development of tiles using glass wastes.
°Ł Details on Environmental Recycling Businesses
  1. Our concrete products are produced by using coals generated from carbonizing thinnings during bamboo shoot cultivation. The concrete products with coals can be used in levee protection works for rivers, etc. due to their sufficient strength even if 60% or more of weak coals are blended. Coals' water quality improving ability can be brought out because large amount of coals are blended. Coals absorb microbes well due to their large surface area. These microbes that adhere to coals take in contaminated substances as nutrients and purify the water. As materials for this products, carbonized construction wastes, furniture wastes and such can also be used.
  2. We've commercialized flowerpots through solidifying sewage sludge incineration ashes generated from processing sewage.
    These incineration ashes which were mostly filled in land are used as aggregates of concrete products.
°Ł Features
  1. Tests show that a coal-contained concrete product improved BOD by 65%, 6 hours after it was immersed in water.
    Moreover, it was confirmed that a harmful substance (sexivalent chrome), which elutes from concrete, is reduced.
    The light weight of coal contained concrete products make handling of them easy.
  2. Even if concrete is mixed with 70% sewage sludge incineration ash, its compression strength is sufficient (23 N/mm2). This shows a large amount of wastes can be recycled.

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